Changing decades – day 4

Subway drivers Union went on a 72-hour strike so Buenos Aires has become the city of chaos. It`s nearly impossible to take a bus because it`s packed or to find an empty cab, not to mention the traffic jam. You can spend looong minutes stuck in traffic. Everybody is late, meetings are postponed and you think it twice before making arrangements to meet somebody if not strictly necessary.

I take the subway every day to go to work but now I`m going on foot because -believe it or not- it is faster! Yesterday, I was half way when I phoned my coworker to ask him where he was. He was at the same distance but on a bus. I got to the office and he showed up 20 minutes later.

Day 4 PT:

This strike is a good opportunity to get fit.Fast walking for 40 minutes every day is what most doctors suggest !!!

Have a good day!

6 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 4

  1. I turned fifty four years ago, and it didn’t change anything in me. I believe I’ve reached the point where age doesn’t mean anything more. Of course I get older in my body, my limbs, knees and stuff, but somehow my mind has turned younger. Besides my aching body, my mind seems to yearn for youth. That’s fun.

    • I totally relate to that!! if it weren´t for the body, I really don`t feel that Im about to turn 50. And if you think of it, what is it exactly? being 50? it seems to me that there is a non written standard for lack of a better word, where it says that at certain age you should behave and feel certain way. But the more people you talk, the more you realize that most people feel they are younger than their age and that they think it inappropriate to behave or act certain way just because of that nonwritten standard, not because they don`t have the impulse to behave in any ohter way, they just don`t want to be considered childish ….

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