Changing decades – day 5

I had a lot on my mind today. One of the things that bothered me most was my current situation at work. I`m not going to tell you the whole story right now because it`s long and complicated but just some facts for you to understand.


When I came back from my holidays the first days of May I learnt that the Manager had asked my now former boss to fire me.  I also learnt that this Manager used very” inappropriate” adjectives to refer to me when I was not present. I also learnt that -at a higher level- his petition was considered. All of these I learnt from a very reliable source.

You can imagine that I was not very happy to learn all these things and I was not very happy to go to the office every day. Two months passed, we were “bossless”. Three days ago a new boss was appointed. Each of us had a private talk with him and even if he didn`t spell it, he let it slip that I had a red light next to my name.

Today I came back home, feeling totally uneasy. I tried to come up with an idea with no success. At one point, I felt I could not breathe so I changed into my jogging suit and went to the park.  It was cold and it was drizzling but I did not mind. I needed to clear my head.

Day 5 PT:

I may have not solved the problem but 8km of power walking will surely prevent a peak of high blood pressure.

6 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 5

  1. This is such a stressful time! It seems very unfair and unprofessional of them! Walking it off….good plan and habit to do to help with the tension. I hope you can enjoy more healthy walks to clear your head and blow out that stress 🙂 I sure hope that they settle down and come to their senses and keep you on. Perhaps the new boss will support you. Hope that tomorrow is a better day.

  2. Hope so too Ali !!! between the strike that makes me walk and my job that makes me almost run, I may end up being a marathonist LOL What has to happen it`ll happen, what I feel I need is a plan to deal with the changes to come.
    Thanks for your words, they mean a lot to me.

  3. I had a similar situation years ago…received a negative review after the first 6 months, so I took the issues they brought up and worked on them (rather than becoming resentful or defensive) and six months later was told that I was the first person they had come across that actually took the constructive criticism and did something with it. Of course, I don’t know your details, but hopefully that helps.

  4. Thanks for sharing your own experience. It`s always helpful to know how somebody dealt with a situation and think if it might work for you. It´s too long to explain in a comment and I don`t know how to summarize it. I`ve worked in this company for almost 13 years and I was considered one of the best employees. Till the moment this new manager came. First he wanted to transfer me to another area but I`m in IT, where else I can go? and now he just wants to fire me for no real reason. What he said about me was really offensive and if I were at liberty to say it out loud, I could talk to HHRR or even sue him. But I`m not. My hands are tied.

  5. This is a really difficult situation. Best thing you can do is take care of yourself physically and mentally (which you seem to be doing) to deal with the stress of the situation.

    This is the third such story I’ve heard in the last month. What is it with these “bad bosses” and how do they get into positions of power?!

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