Changing decades – day 6

I`m at home, my notebook on my lap, my legs up on a cushion,  dim light, the noise from outside invading my private space. I`m just enjoying a glass of wine while reflecting upon life.

An ordinary day, walking to the office in the morning (subways still on strike), surviving another day at work, walking back home, making a stop in the park to sit on the grass and eat a fruit salad while enjoying the last rays of sun, making another stop at the groceries store, reading a chapter of a book about lighting, reading some blogs, phoning a friend for her birthday. Nothing really happened. Just another day.

Day 6 PT:

There are days when “nothing really happened” is just what you need.




4 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 6

  1. I love days when life leaves me alone!! Days without drama (especially with children) are rare….

    Cozy, rainy days without drama trump them all!! LOL Uh oh….I hear something going on in the other room……gotta go.

  2. cozy rainy days drama free!!! those are great!!!
    oh my!!! what surprise is in store for you in the other room??? hope it is just girls being girls and no drama at all !!!!

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