Changing decades – day 8

Saturday. It`s raining heavily. I had planned to go take some pictures of a property but there is no way I can go out with the camera. I do my Saturday shopping when the rain seems to stop. Needless to say that I get wet every single time I go out. You cannot predict rain as you cannot predict the future.

I´m somehow forced to be home -home sweet home- that reminds me of all the things that need to get done. And just me to get them done. It´s a little bit overwhelming since “me” doesn`t want to work this particular weekend but “me” is a very demanding boss 😦

I spend a long time in the kitchen processing the vegetables, making some tarts, even trying a new banana tart (which is not my specialty by the way)

chopping up red pepper and onion

I also checked my beloved old camera that once upon a time” shared” a bag with a smashed pear and as result got ruined. I cleaned it up but it was too late for the screen and who knows what else. Thing is that I miss my small city camera as I call it even when I replaced it with another one that is bigger in size and much slower to focus.

my faithful friend

Some time on the www and you know how it is, you look for something and you find something else and by the time you come back to the real world you realize that you`ve read lot of information except the one you were looking for. My original intention was to erase old mails and I ended up trying to make my coffee look like this:


I also downloaded a free software called “Sketchup” to design projects in 3D. Have you heard of it? I´ve started to see some tutorials and it seems easy to use. Nothing to show you at the moment. Later, when I get better at it, I`ll share with you some ideas.

Finally, dinner with friends was put off because of the rain. Most of my friends don`t have cars (we live in a large city, we don`t actually need them, there is plenty of public transport) so getting a cab in this weather is a real nightmare. Which was a good opportunity to watch some movies.

Day 8 PT: rainy days are a good opportunity to do all those things you never have time to !!!


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