Changing decades – day 9

A while ago a friend of mine asked me some questions about photography. She wanted to know more about it, was thinking about taking up a course and was interested in my opinion. At one point she asked me what sort of pictures I liked best and if I had a favorite subject to photograph. I said that my interests varied from time to time and that I was always willing to try something new as regards technique but as for the subject, I was interested in everything.

She insisted, though. She said that everybody had a favorite subject and I said I didn`t. She reformulated her question and asked what type of pictures I was used to taking but I had no answer.

Today, while I was looking at some old photos, I remembered this conversation and I realized that most of my pictures were taken in the streets, which makes me what? a “street photographer”? I don`t know, I love the “treasures” I find in this city, objects that tell a story, street art, forgotten places, people. This is what I see in my walks. But I also like to share the beauty I see when I travel, and that makes me what? a landscape photographer? I don`t think so. I`m just a person with many interests.

Day 9 PT:

The world is full of unlabeled beauty worth photographing.

4 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 9

  1. You have an eclectic approach and like to photograph lots of things! Lucky us! It is great to photograph the big things, landscapes etc but to also take note of the tiny details. That is why your travel blogs are so much fun because you do everything and include animals and people too! You use your photos to tell the whole story…..I wonder what term would best describe that? It certainly has an honesty to it 🙂

  2. I´m glad you enjoy my travel blogs and believe me, I`m kind of sad that I haven`t been able to share my last trip the way I always do … it was such a special trip under such extraordinary circumstances that I`m just not able … I like to think that I`m telling a story because that`s what´s in my heart … a heart of a storyteller … but I don`t know either the term that describes it in photographic terms … maybe I`m unlabeled too LOL

  3. What I’ve always loved about your blog is that I never know when I come here what I’m going to see. Except that it’s always interesting. Like you there are so many things that grab my attention, so I understand your jumping around in photographic topic. Why limit yourself? 🙂

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