Changing decades – day 11

Two things happened this morning when I woke up: Thing number one, I had a terrible pain somewhere inside my mouth, not sure if it was toothache or gum related, but it was pain. Second thing, my hair got burnt. I go to work and it`s raining heavily and my umbrella got stuck and I got wet. In the office, I learnt that one of the projects I was working on was cancelled. As I was still in pain I went to a dental emergency room to learn that I had an infection and that my teeth are at risk. I didn`t pay the rent and the landlord was looking for me everywhere (not my fault, though) and once at home the lawyer called me to say I had to pay a large sum of money.

Day 11 PT: I`m lucky I wasn`t hit by a truck!


4 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 11

  1. Oh no! Poor you! Some days are like this and it seems that when one thing starts then everything starts to go bad. I hope you are okay now! How is your mouth? Hair not too burnt I hope…..argg!
    Good photo to pick…holding the world up and getting pooped on! LOL I wish you a wonderful weekend to make up for this lousy Tues.

  2. How did you burn your hair? I like that photo, it goes well with your day. I think we all feel like that on some days too. I hope the tooth is feeling better.

    • the most stupid way, trying to pick up something from the floor, my long hair got burnt with the oven, I was making coffee …
      The infection is better, thanks for asking!

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