Changing decades – day 12

I take some breaks during the day and I usually go to the smokers room. That`s the place to gossip. You learn that somebody did something good or bad, it doesn`t really matter, and somebody else said something or … whatever. Even if you are not interested in what it´s being said, you have to listen and even if you don`t feel like saying anything about it, you are asked to. But today was one of those days in which you seem to be paying attention but you are not.  You nod, you smile, you say “uh-huh”, “ah” and whatever interjection you see fit but if you were asked to repeat what it was just said you have no clue. Nobody notices it, of course. It`s your secret.

Where was I ? or rather where was my mind while people were talking? I don`t know, just somewhere else …

Day 12 PT: my brain must have learnt how to turn gossip into white noise.

4 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 12

  1. White noise is handy! Especially when it is also seen as a soft flower….very nice photo! Glad you have a good way to cope…I also tend to “check out” for a bit when I need to take a mental break.

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