Changing decades – day 13

The grass is always greener on the other side.

I needed some help today and I went to another area to get it. It seems it wasn`t the right moment, judging by the long faces I found. When I asked my question I got a very harsh answer. I let it go, I didn`t want to start an argument over it but I really needed help so I insisted. Once again, I got nothing but one of those killer looks and came back to my desk empty-handed.

Later, the guy from that area came to my desk to apologize? maybe he meant to but instead he made a long list of all the problems they had, injustices, misfortunes and so on, trying to explain? why they had been reluctant to help me, as if I had something to do with what was causing them troubles. And he added that maybe, I was not able to understand the scope of their discontent because my job was easy and I was always happy?

Day 13 PT: I`m on the other side, where the grass is greener … because if I treated my own coworkers the way I was treated today, I would never be on the greener side.


6 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 13

  1. This is such a shame! How rude of him! I hope that it doesn’t make you sad this weekend…you haven’t had the best week! Maybe Monday will bring both an apology and the help that you needed when you asked. Nice photo!

    • Believe me, I won`t be sad because of that.And next week, he`ll probably need my help, as usual, and I`ll help him because that`s my job. And I do it even if I don`t like the people I have to help. That`s the way my days at work go …

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