Changing decades – days 15 to 22

It`s not that I haven´t had any positive thought these days … it`s that I haven`t been able to write about it. I have a lot on my plate right now. Just like a chess player I`ve spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what the next right move is …

Days 15-22 PT: when stuck, you need to move one piece otherwise you will never move in any direction.

Have a very nice Sunday!!


8 thoughts on “Changing decades – days 15 to 22

  1. Ah, a great photo. You always capture the best photos and you find words to match that subject. Maybe you just need to take a bowl of spaghetti and throw it on the ground and that is your path, take no path, just go, just do. You have enter a new journey, but I know… this journey is going to be even more beautiful than any other one you have taken. It’s a new time for my BA Ellen.

    • Ah Ellen, thanks for your trust in me … there are times I´m … freaked out but then I just go on … kind of not having the choice to take any other course of action but moving on …

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