Changing decades – days 24 to 27

What can I say? days seem to be shorter lately !

I don`t expect you to remember that I burnt my hair some weeks ago.  I`ve been thinking about a new haircut ever since though I cannot make up my mind. I like it long, just as it is. At the same time, it doesn`t look too good right now.  Some of my friends suggested I should dye it but I won`t dye my hair, I´m not the kind of person -never been- that likes to spend hours in a beauty saloon. As I had some time in my hands I tried a keratin treatment at home, without knowing (I told you I`m not the beauty saloon type) that it`s not only to make it look silky but also straight.

I don`t like it straight since my hair is naturally straight and I`ve always tried to make it look coarse. I tried to undo it by washing it again but with no success. Now is straighter than ever!

Wash it. Water. I discovered that there was a plumbing problem again and had to phone the owner of the apartment with no success. I was so pissed off that after some days I decided to “declare war”

I`m not good at wars so I ended up paying the repairs myself. If only I could live with no water …

My plants were happy, my hair was happy, my wallet wasn`t …

Days 24 to 27 PT: I may not be good at wars but I`m good at solving water related problems … which will come handy in a short future.


6 thoughts on “Changing decades – days 24 to 27

  1. ummmm…it’s about time your area get some laws regarding water/plumbing issues…. seems like everywhere you rent, there’s some kind of water issues…i don’t know have you’ve stayed sane, lol… i’m so sorry to hear about your hair being did that happen? i would love to know more about the treatment you put on your hair though, i want mine to be straight and silky…mine is curly/coarse/and needs more shine……

    love all the photos~~~~

    hope you’re having a great weekend ellen…. we have a holiday coming up tomorrow, so it’ll only be a 4day work week, yay!!! that means i have one more day to sleep in late 🙂


    • I don`t know how it is in the US. Here you have two options. One, go to a hairdresser and have the “brazilian keratin treatment” which is very controversial and it was also forbidden since it seems that it is toxic. Anyway, you can do it privately with a hairdresser at your own place. The effect lasts 6 months aprox. That is not what I did. I bought Keratin at a specialized store and applied it on my hair for some hours. Then you have to dry it with a straightener iron or with a hair drier. It looks very bright, that silky effect and also very straight! but it`s not lasting for more than two weeks.
      Maybe something you can try on your long weekend? Have fun and sleep well!!! I won`t work for a week!! it`s my own birthday present!!!

  2. ouch! burnt hair?! i’m glad i don’t run that risk – there’s something to be said for being “follicly challenged” lol! sorry to hear you’ve had problems with plumbing, but it really should be the landlord who fixes those issues. it’s a shame he won’t take resposibilty – after all he’s keen enough to take the rent money! btw i love the photos you used to illustrate the story! 🙂

    have a great day! xx


    • Thank you PIerre, have a great day you too!!!
      I agree. It should be the landlord, not me, but our main problem is that we don`t have laws to regulate tenants rights and landlords look the other way every time there is a problem.
      As for the burnt hair I guess is one of those occassions in which being follicly challenged is a relief LOL

  3. Great photos! The cannon one looks like a cool abstract. Too bad about the pipes again. You are the Pipe Queen! Plumbing is one of those things that people hate to spend money on when they own a property but it really matters to one’s everyday enjoyment of things. We had two major water problems here……plastic pipes that we have replaced with copper after a flood and the major pipe under the house getting clogged with roots from trees that broke through the clay pipe. I am still trying to get the house back in order!

    I hope your hair can recover…maybe with time and a hairdo rather than a cut will help. I also do not go to the hair salon so I understand your reluctance.

    • Yes, if I`m a Queen, I`m the Queen of pipes LOL I hear you with the plumbing problems and I know what`s in store for me when I have my own house. The good thing about this last problem I had was that the plumber lives 4 blocks from where I`m going to move and he gave me hope as regards that dump LOL and made it look easier than I had imagined.
      My hair doesn`t look that bad after the burn but I feel it in my fingers, that it`s thiner on that side. Anyway, a pony tail will do!!
      Have a very nice week Ali!

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