Changing decades – day 28

Every year, I take some weeks off in September. Traveling time! This year I have to stay in the city so I only took one week off as a birthday present.  I don`t know what I`ll do, traveling is off the table so I`m looking at the possibilities.

Day 28 PT: I´ll find something fun to do this week!!

4 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 28

  1. happy birthday ellen!!! wow! what a birthday present…enjoy your week off~~ wish you could travel here, would love to spend some time shootin’ photos with you…..

    • Yes, that`s a relief!! imagine turning 50 on a Monday!!!!!!
      I guess that I`ll see some friends tomorrow but nothing planned as usual LOL
      The picture was taken in Ecuador, there was this mural very … disturbing somehow because you felt “watched” every time you walked by it.

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