Returning to Milton St. – Current state of affairs

Had you asked me two months ago if I would ever come back to Milton St again, my answer would have been “no, never”. How I went from “no, never” to “I`ll be moving next month” is a long story that can be told in a few words.

Milton St is the street where my parents lived.  When they died last year I packed everything and waited for the legal paperwork (which can take months in here) to be ready, in hopes of selling the property and never come back again. Don`t get me wrong, it`s not that I hated my parents, the house or the neighborhood, it`s just that it has so much history that I simply wanted to leave it in the past.

But life has funny ways, don`t you think?

Lawyers, notaries, legal fees are draining my pockets. On top of that, there are new laws in this country that caused a big recession in real states business and it`s very difficult to sell right now. I thought that I could cover the expenses with the selling of the house but that is not happening so I need to leave my rented apartment in order to spare some money to pay all the legal fees. And the only place I can go where I don`t have to pay a rent is Milton St.

And that`s how I went from “no, never” to “moving”. Time is running.

The kitchen clock

How I feel about it, it`s another story.

16 thoughts on “Returning to Milton St. – Current state of affairs

  1. Oh, Ellen, the emotions! Wow! It seems that the path in life is leading you there and it’s what is meant to be. Best of luck. Thank you for the birthday greetings, I’ve been a horrible blogger and hope to get back on track soon.

    • Don`t worry, I`ve been a horrible blogger myself!!! Hope you had a nice day and a nice cake!!
      It looks that way … that I have to come back for some weird reason. The emotional part is the hardest …

  2. i can totally understand you wanting to leave the past in the past…but, hopefully, you might even find that you like it there… it will be the ‘same’ but different. different neighbors, different furnishings, etc….. (and i am secretly hoping for you, that there are no ‘hot water’ plumbing issues for you there….) since you’ve had your share of plumbing issues every where you’ve lived lately. sending you big (((HUGS))) from all the way over here in texas~~~ wish i lived closer, i would help you move and get settled in…..

    • well, not exactly plumbing issues but there are leaks in the roofs and there is just one room where I can put my stuff.
      it`s temporary till things get better here and I can sell the house, there are more posts coming
      it`d be really nice if we lived nearby and fun to move and take pictures at the same time!!
      thanks G for being there for me!!! in spite of the distance 🙂

  3. Miss BA, time for new memories and perhaps it will bring you comfort to be where your history had begun. I hope it all turns out and I’m excited to hear more and see more photos of this new phase for you. Love ya girl!!!

  4. life leads us along many paths, Ellen, and they can take many unexpected turns…i can understand you wanting to leave the past in the past, but i hope that in the time you’re at your parents place that you will be happy… hopefully you will be able to get things sorted, and hopefully the situation will improve in the country, and you’ll be able to move onto another chapter in your life! lots of love, Pedro x

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