Thanksgiving at Milton St

Not so long ago I was talking about Thanksgiving with a friend of mine. We both regretted not having such a celebration here. Our conversation went about X-mas and New Year´s eve, how people always complain about  dinners with relatives they only see when somebody marries or dies or it`s X-mas or New Year`s eve and they have to gather together, their typical discussions, fights, critical comments. But if you asked them why not celebrating it any other way, one they like better, one that might make them happier, nobody seems to be ready for such a change in their routines or customs or cultural inheritance and they all end up saying “I wish I could but I can`t”

My friend and I decided we could start a new tradition, in the spirits of Thanksgiving but with our own mark, a day we meet only with those we chose to have in our life, friends or family, it doesn`t matter, as long as they are those close to our hearts. Only our thankfulness was for sharing our lives through thick and thin and for all the hands we were given. We agreed on making it coincide with the US celebration, just to have a day of reference, close to December but before everybody gets crazy to meet you before the year comes to its end.

The best of intentions sometimes find some difficulties you didn`t see coming. It was a long weekend and most people took those days off and were out-of-town, or rather, city.

I had two choices, to put it off or to go on with the idea even if just a few friends could make it. And I decided to go on because my friends and I are happy to be together  regardless the number of attendees. Besides, it`s a new tradition and it takes time for it to stick.

We had a good time, even if Marie screamed when Thom went to answer the door while I was in the kitchen. It was all about a big plastic spider I had on the wall !!!

the spider

We had a good time. Little by little the energy in Milton St is changing.

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Milton St

  1. What a great tradition you are starting! I love Thanksgiving for the center of focus is around food and family, giving thanks and helping others. There is little commercial junk that comes along with the holiday. Good for you!

    • We have “friend´s day” here in July but it lacks identity since it`s all about ads selling you gifts to buy to your friends and discounts in restaurants to gather with them but this new tradition is more about being grateful and being with those you really love, and food of course!! I love cooking!!

  2. what a wonderful idea ellen! i think thats a wonderful way to start the holidays, without it being so commercialized. i actually have begun to enjoy thanksgiving better than christmas, because there is too much involved with the christmas festivities, i never get a chance to really ‘enjoy’ the holiday, i’m too busy trying to get the tree up, presents bought and wrapped, and i get really crabby when i’m out with holiday shoppers, because they are not nice anymore! lol. one of my favorite parts of the holidays, is, sending/getting christmas cards, and getting together with friends to bake all kinds of cookies….. something just so fun about being with friends and sampling cookies and all the laughing,etc…
    i could totally do without all the gift giving.

    what kinds of food did you make?

    • I can do without presents and without shopping, in fact I`m the kind of person who buys a present for no special occasion just because I think you may like it but the fun and the laughter, that`s unreplaceable.
      Nothing really special, some meat with salads and something very ours that is “salchicha parrillera” and then strawberries with chantilly, it`s almost summer here, you need to eat light!!!!

  3. i keep forgetting that it’s almost summer there! i went christmas shopping this weekend, with shorts and flipflops on…lol….but, tonight, we got a cool front come thru, so maybe it will be cool for awhile so it will at least feel like christmas. it’s hard to get in the christmas spirit when it’s hot outside. i want some snow.

    your dinner sounds awesome. wish i was closer, i would love to hang out with you and your friends…laughing and eating and enjoying the evening…. 🙂

    • well, not so cold over there if you were in shorts and flipflops!!! but it`s not x-masy, I know, I don`t celebrate x-mas but I`ve always dreamt about having a white one!!! I should go to NY in December LOL
      It would be so nice if we lived nearby, we should arrange a dinner through skype with you and Clint !!!! not a bad idea, think about it!!!

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