A pause

The last days of the year, I went to visit a friend who runs a camping site. It`s the time of the year when she is awfully busy and help doesn`t come till January so I promised to give her a hand while there. It`s not that she asked for my help but it was my way of saying thanks for all the good things she always did for me. And it was also a pause, a retreat.

SIMG_4409_caminando por el camping - copia

After my first cup of coffee,  I watered the plants. Well, the ones at the entrance since it`ll be awfully difficult to go with the hose in the mountain!!

SIMG_4372_caminando por el camping - copia (2)

The poor plants suffered from the heat and the lack of rain so we had a talk every morning in which I promised them plenty of water in exchange of their bright colors. We honored our promise.

SIMG_4373_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4366_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4407_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4416_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4420_vida silvestre - copia

Once I had talked to all of them, I went to the kitchen area for a cup of ice tea and shared it with two of the most important inhabitants of the site.

SIMG_4440_caminando por el camping_la hora del te SIMG_4370_cosas de gatos - copia (2) SIMG_4369_cosas de gatos - copia (2)

My next chore was to sweep the pool and after that make sure that I had done a good job so it took me an hour of swimming to double-check that the bottom of the pool was completely clean 🙂 Nobody can say I`m not thorough.

SIMG_4377_PILE - copia (2) SIMG_4375_PILE - copia (2)

After lunch I usually took a nap in the hammock, one of my favorite places to read a book. And one of the fresher at that time of the day!!

SIMG_4418_caminando por el camping - copia SIMG_4419_caminando por el camping - copia

Sometimes, I had company

SIMG_4387_cosas de gatos - copia (2)

When the sun went down I usually went for a walk.

SIMG_4408_vida silvestre - copia

She was two days old in this picture, was born on X-mas! but every time I came close, they run …

SIMG_4428_caminando por el camping

All good things come to an end and I had to fly back home.

SIMG_4402_caminando por el camping_sexo en la cocina - copia

This is how I started this new year.


8 thoughts on “A pause

    • Hi Lisa!!! Yes, the place has a very good vibe. I met a couple there, long story, but he had those Tibetan bowls? in their many uses (according to him, I know nothing about them), there was this use to see whether a place had good energies or not, and he said there were the best vibes. So it`s five positive opinions now 😉 this guy, the cats, you and me!!!

  1. Beautiful shots! Looks very peaceful…and green! We are dry and golden. Of course it is winter but we are worried that the drought will continue. I’d love to lay in that hammock! Be well Ellen. 🙂

    • Thank you Leah!! I can lend you my hammock!!! it was very comfy!! I see your pictures and I see that your winters are not easy at all. That place (where I`ve been) it`s very nice, full of springs, creeks. You`d love it!!! You stay well too!!!!!

    • oh my!!! come over here and get some sun!!!! The red flower was an “experiment” with daylight, flash and small small aperture, I took a lot of them since I got closer to the effect I was looking for … not there yet but closer!!

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