53 things to do while I´m 53

This is not an original idea. I´ve taken it from somebody else. I´d like to give her/him the credit but I cannot remember where I read it. Not even sure if it was the exact same thing or just the gist.

I turned 53 the first week of September and I wrote down on a notebook 53 things to do while I´m 53. It took me a while and at times I really wished I were 20! but I completed the list the day before and I was ready to start living my 53 with the notebook next to me. And see where it goes.

There is no need to reproduce my whole list here. It´s like having  a birthday cake with some many candles that you need a fireman to put out the fire to make a wish instead of just having two candles, each one with a number, easy to blow and make your wish without putting your friends and house at risk let alone the poor fireman.

Number 3 on the list was “learn a new language” and I´ve just started a course to learn Chinese.  I had tried in the past but it was an intensive course and I need to learn at a slower pace, specially Chinese that it´s so different.  I decided to give it/me  a second chance while I´m 53.

Number 6 on the list was “take a photograph every day”. I didn´t mean the usual challenge “a photo a day” if not “reconnect with photography because it´s something you love and you are not doing it”.  If you do things you don´t want to do every day but you have to, such as going to work when you are not happy with it, why not having the same commitment with things you do want and make you happy?


It´s been 7 days now and I´m happy I wrote that list because it´s a cheerful reminder of all the nice and fun things I can do even if life gets complicated or hard.

2 thoughts on “53 things to do while I´m 53

  1. Sounds like a great way to stay positive and active when life tries to direct us otherwise. Hope that you find some hidden gems in the list. Happy Birthday!! All the best for the upcoming year 🙂

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