Some years ago, it was 2007 if I remember correctly, I made a list of all the places I´d like to see before I die.

My list was very very long and I came to the conclusion that I would need several lives to accomplish it, taking into account that I´m not rich and I have just 3 weeks off a year and that I´m not in my 20´s.

So I made it shorter, about 30 places, and I listed them according to their difficulty, leaving beaches for when I´m 80 and there is no way I could go hiking in the mountains LOL

I made the list just for the fun of it. Of course, in hopes of getting to see some of those places but not real plan was made.

I can say that I have crossed out some of the places ever since. The thought of it always puts a smile on my face. And keeps me going.

Easter Islands (Chile)

Geysers del Tatio (Chile)

Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)

Iguazú falls (Argentina)

Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)

May 1st 2012
Im very happy because I’ve added to this list:

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

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