I was wondering what I was doing in March last year and I looked in the Archives and I saw this post … of course, about Mondays, what else!!!

a thought ~ no place to hide.

But I also saw that I was posting about a trip that I had taken in September, and I was planning my next holidays too … just like today!

There are things that never change: I hate Mondays and I love traveling!!

Have a good start of the week!!!

Her name is Helen

She was abandoned at a work site and found by some workers. They asked for permission to take her to the office, where some employees took care of her temporarily.

Long story short, after some “sentimental blackmail” from my side that took certain numbers of emails, one of my coworkers decided to keep her but since he is on vacation right now, I had to find “foster parents” till he`s back.

And honoring all my efforts, the dog was named after me LOL

What a strange Monday!!!

summer rain

I love rain in summer. I truly do.

I`m the kind of person who leaves the umbrella by the door, except it`s raining heavily. I don`t care if I come back home soaking wet after going for a run in the park. Or if the rain finds me in the street when I go for a walk. I do enjoy my door

I enjoy the sound of the rain, when it`s early in the morning and I`m having breakfast. It`s so peaceful. I also enjoy seeing my little plants, their leaves seem to be stretching, playing with the drops. This morning, for example, I couldn`t help but thinking that my Cala was “watching” the rain.

my cala

But going to work under a heavy rain on A MONDAY??? that kills all poetry.