Returning to Milton St. – Current state of affairs

Had you asked me two months ago if I would ever come back to Milton St again, my answer would have been “no, never”. How I went from “no, never” to “I`ll be moving next month” is a long story that can be told in a few words.

Milton St is the street where my parents lived.  When they died last year I packed everything and waited for the legal paperwork (which can take months in here) to be ready, in hopes of selling the property and never come back again. Don`t get me wrong, it`s not that I hated my parents, the house or the neighborhood, it`s just that it has so much history that I simply wanted to leave it in the past.

But life has funny ways, don`t you think?

Lawyers, notaries, legal fees are draining my pockets. On top of that, there are new laws in this country that caused a big recession in real states business and it`s very difficult to sell right now. I thought that I could cover the expenses with the selling of the house but that is not happening so I need to leave my rented apartment in order to spare some money to pay all the legal fees. And the only place I can go where I don`t have to pay a rent is Milton St.

And that`s how I went from “no, never” to “moving”. Time is running.

The kitchen clock

How I feel about it, it`s another story.

Changing decades – day 30 (or day 0)

Here I`m. Day 30 of my 30 days of PS (positive thinking). The day when I change decades. I`m 50 today!!

I was looking for a picture to illustrate this post and there was one in particular that came to my mind. Maybe because in this picture I`m standing in between latitudes and I somehow feel that I`m standing in between, in life. I don`t know if I`ll live to be 100, nobody knows for sure! but I can’t help but think that I`m crossing a line in life.

Day 30 PT:  on the other side of the line there are lots of adventures in store!! and I hope I can share them with you with happiness!!

Changing decades – days 24 to 27

What can I say? days seem to be shorter lately !

I don`t expect you to remember that I burnt my hair some weeks ago.  I`ve been thinking about a new haircut ever since though I cannot make up my mind. I like it long, just as it is. At the same time, it doesn`t look too good right now.  Some of my friends suggested I should dye it but I won`t dye my hair, I´m not the kind of person -never been- that likes to spend hours in a beauty saloon. As I had some time in my hands I tried a keratin treatment at home, without knowing (I told you I`m not the beauty saloon type) that it`s not only to make it look silky but also straight.

I don`t like it straight since my hair is naturally straight and I`ve always tried to make it look coarse. I tried to undo it by washing it again but with no success. Now is straighter than ever!

Wash it. Water. I discovered that there was a plumbing problem again and had to phone the owner of the apartment with no success. I was so pissed off that after some days I decided to “declare war”

I`m not good at wars so I ended up paying the repairs myself. If only I could live with no water …

My plants were happy, my hair was happy, my wallet wasn`t …

Days 24 to 27 PT: I may not be good at wars but I`m good at solving water related problems … which will come handy in a short future.