no plan is still a plan

Vacation means (to me) taking a break from your daily life, getting away from routines, attachments, from all that holds you back. It´s been a while now that I stopped planning my holidays. I only know where I´ll be the following day and that gives me a great sense of freedom. A freedom that I enjoy immensely because it´s the only time of the year I really do what I want to do, without having to explain myself.

This year I bought a ticket to Salta, just because I had no idea where to go and I had to start somewhere. From that point on, I just followed my whims. And it was magical. And I visited amazing places, saw breathtaking landscapes, met wonderful people.

In the following days I´ll be sharing with you my stories. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.

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My X-mas gift

I had a Myspace account.  I signed in back in 2006. Ever since I joined the community, I met incredibly talented people and made real friends throughout the years. I know it sounds strange, some people think you cannot make lifelong friendships through the net. It´s been true for me though. So much so that I cannot imagine my life without them.

Myspace was really MY space. My page was public so everybody in the world could see it. But I had my stream where I shared my thoughts or moods or jokes only with those I had in my list of friends. My comments were private. I could choose what to share and with who.

But then policies changed and Myspace became another Facebook. No more personalization, no more privacy. No longer MY space. And in all sadness, I decided to leave.

It´s been a month now and I miss my friends dearly. That´s why I´m here, for my friends who write to me and say they miss me too.  And my stories. For those who erased their accounts and didn´t join another social network.

So this is my X-mas gift to you my dear friends. I´ve landed in WordPress.

Newcomers welcome.

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This is one of my first profile pictures in MS