When I wrote my “53 things to do while I´m 53” the whole idea was having some fun. I thought that once I had solved some of my problems I would be able to recover some of the lost things that I was missing, fun being one of the most important.


I never thought that things were going to get so entangled.

I moved into my new apartment. Very small, very bright, very ventilated and with an amazing view of the city. Oh yes, my nightmare of contractors, things that went very wrong, hard work, debts and the kind was finally coming to an end. Some things needed to be done here but nothing compared to what I had been through in the past two years.
I thought that when this problem was solved I would finally have time to make some changes in other areas of my life that needed attention, work being one of them.


I never thought that work would become a threat but it did. I wanted to make some changes, I was trying to climb a step to a better place inside my area but then I learnt that I was going to be fired. What came as a shock at first as days went by turned into an opportunity for a real change. But the wheel of fortune was not in my favor and instead of proposing me to leave with my 15 year compensation, they wanted me to resign. I´m my sole provider so losing my income is not something to take lightly.


Now I´m trying to put some light on these events and to do so I took a prolonged leave of absence to give me time to think about my next steps.


I just wish I´m strong enough to disentangle this mess in the days to come. A friend of mine gave me a piece of advice that I´m taking. She said “when you don´t find a solution, change the focus otherwise you´ll get obsessed and the answers won´t come”

It´s what I´m doing right now.