Life ~ Change of focus

It´s been a while since the last time I posted. Truth is that I didn´t know how to come back. I had this feeling that I had to -somehow- say a few words explaining why I had been MIA.

Whatever I started to scribble down just struck me as a list of misfortunes. And I truly believe that if you focus on what is wrong, you are  losing sight of what it is right.

Thing is that those few words were very difficult to write. It was a period of mourning.

Finally, I read a post written by Rebecca the Housewrecka in which she mentions she is participating in a project called 30 Days of Gratitude

And I knew that I had found my way to come back. In the following 30 days -and in the spirit of the project- I´ll be posting about all those things I´m grateful for. Because right now I need to focus on what is right to be able to write again.

Thank you Becca and thank you all for being here.

A beautiful birthday present