A pause

The last days of the year, I went to visit a friend who runs a camping site. It`s the time of the year when she is awfully busy and help doesn`t come till January so I promised to give her a hand while there. It`s not that she asked for my help but it was my way of saying thanks for all the good things she always did for me. And it was also a pause, a retreat.

SIMG_4409_caminando por el camping - copia

After my first cup of coffee,  I watered the plants. Well, the ones at the entrance since it`ll be awfully difficult to go with the hose in the mountain!!

SIMG_4372_caminando por el camping - copia (2)

The poor plants suffered from the heat and the lack of rain so we had a talk every morning in which I promised them plenty of water in exchange of their bright colors. We honored our promise.

SIMG_4373_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4366_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4407_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4416_vida silvestre - copia SIMG_4420_vida silvestre - copia

Once I had talked to all of them, I went to the kitchen area for a cup of ice tea and shared it with two of the most important inhabitants of the site.

SIMG_4440_caminando por el camping_la hora del te SIMG_4370_cosas de gatos - copia (2) SIMG_4369_cosas de gatos - copia (2)

My next chore was to sweep the pool and after that make sure that I had done a good job so it took me an hour of swimming to double-check that the bottom of the pool was completely clean 🙂 Nobody can say I`m not thorough.

SIMG_4377_PILE - copia (2) SIMG_4375_PILE - copia (2)

After lunch I usually took a nap in the hammock, one of my favorite places to read a book. And one of the fresher at that time of the day!!

SIMG_4418_caminando por el camping - copia SIMG_4419_caminando por el camping - copia

Sometimes, I had company

SIMG_4387_cosas de gatos - copia (2)

When the sun went down I usually went for a walk.

SIMG_4408_vida silvestre - copia

She was two days old in this picture, was born on X-mas! but every time I came close, they run …

SIMG_4428_caminando por el camping

All good things come to an end and I had to fly back home.

SIMG_4402_caminando por el camping_sexo en la cocina - copia

This is how I started this new year.


Small talk

I know it may sound weird but I had the feeling that we were having a real conversation. She seemed to be reading my mind, answering my questions with a different pose …





She had spent the whole morning in the sun, without sunblock and as a result she got as red as a beetroot.  That afternoon we were hanging out in the deck, me having some beer, she was reading a book and suddenly it hit me:  I had found a solution to her problem so I took a picture and showed it to her. We had a good laugh and both loved the picture!!