4 thoughts on “Iguazú Falls

  1. This is such a spectacular place! And gorgeous photos! I like how you have chosen broad landscapes and then close-up details of the local inhabitants, too! What animal is that little guy in #9?

    • I don´t know the Englsih name, in Spanish is “coatí”. They are drug addicts, they get really crazy. Really. Food is drug for them and if you feed them they go crazy!!
      There were two girls buying sandwiches, they were wrapped in plastic. They put them on the table and in a flash, one coatí grabbed it and ran like hell, it was so funny, the girl couldn´t react, it all happened so fast!! yes, they are thieves too!! LOL But if you don´t give them food, they are nice.

    • Thanks for the English word … which is the same!!! interesting! They have other local names here too, because that area is shared with Brazil and Paraguay is very near. You hear Spanish, Portuguese and Guarani, that is a native language so most of the animals and plants have different names. Sometimes it is confussing!!

      Yes, the waterfalls are wonderful. I´ve heard that there is only one bigger waterfall that is in Africa, the Victoria falls, and I´ve always wanted to visit them … some day!!

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa!! I do appreciate it!

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