Changing decades – day 23

I wake up this morning promising myself that I`ll look good in spite of Monday … doing my best but I cannot hide my true feelings …

Day 23 PT: there are no more Mondays left in August!!

Changing decades – days 15 to 22

It`s not that I haven´t had any positive thought these days … it`s that I haven`t been able to write about it. I have a lot on my plate right now. Just like a chess player I`ve spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what the next right move is …

Days 15-22 PT: when stuck, you need to move one piece otherwise you will never move in any direction.

Have a very nice Sunday!!

Changing decades – day 13

The grass is always greener on the other side.

I needed some help today and I went to another area to get it. It seems it wasn`t the right moment, judging by the long faces I found. When I asked my question I got a very harsh answer. I let it go, I didn`t want to start an argument over it but I really needed help so I insisted. Once again, I got nothing but one of those killer looks and came back to my desk empty-handed.

Later, the guy from that area came to my desk to apologize? maybe he meant to but instead he made a long list of all the problems they had, injustices, misfortunes and so on, trying to explain? why they had been reluctant to help me, as if I had something to do with what was causing them troubles. And he added that maybe, I was not able to understand the scope of their discontent because my job was easy and I was always happy?

Day 13 PT: I`m on the other side, where the grass is greener … because if I treated my own coworkers the way I was treated today, I would never be on the greener side.

Changing decades – day 12

I take some breaks during the day and I usually go to the smokers room. That`s the place to gossip. You learn that somebody did something good or bad, it doesn`t really matter, and somebody else said something or … whatever. Even if you are not interested in what it´s being said, you have to listen and even if you don`t feel like saying anything about it, you are asked to. But today was one of those days in which you seem to be paying attention but you are not.  You nod, you smile, you say “uh-huh”, “ah” and whatever interjection you see fit but if you were asked to repeat what it was just said you have no clue. Nobody notices it, of course. It`s your secret.

Where was I ? or rather where was my mind while people were talking? I don`t know, just somewhere else …

Day 12 PT: my brain must have learnt how to turn gossip into white noise.

Changing decades – day 11

Two things happened this morning when I woke up: Thing number one, I had a terrible pain somewhere inside my mouth, not sure if it was toothache or gum related, but it was pain. Second thing, my hair got burnt. I go to work and it`s raining heavily and my umbrella got stuck and I got wet. In the office, I learnt that one of the projects I was working on was cancelled. As I was still in pain I went to a dental emergency room to learn that I had an infection and that my teeth are at risk. I didn`t pay the rent and the landlord was looking for me everywhere (not my fault, though) and once at home the lawyer called me to say I had to pay a large sum of money.

Day 11 PT: I`m lucky I wasn`t hit by a truck!