I really don´t know how to come back to this blog. It´s been so long and so many things happened that I don´t really know where to start.

So for now, let me say just “Hello!” till I find the way to narrate what´s been going on in this far flung kingdom …



6 thoughts on “Hello

    • Hello Robin!!! I´ve been following your blog, not as often as I used to but you must have seen me if not commenting, visiting it!! It´s been a difficult time, far from being ok at times, but I´ll try to put my thoughts in order and write a coherent story LOL Glad to hear from you!!! I still owe you a letter … which I do want to write but … it´s been difficult …

    • Oh yes!! I have a series of them LOL my house is a big piece of art hahahaha
      Nice to see you here too!!! (i´m writing an email but it keeps being interrupted by … long list of incompetent people supposedly contractors!!!

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